KU Park and Ride

KU Park and Ride Facility

This $8.6 million project was fast-tracked and had a minimal change order rate.  The design was completed in less than 3 months.  Project includes site demolition and grading, stormwater management, parking for 1500 cars, lighting, security communications lines, cameras, extension of power and IT lines, informational and directional graphics/ signage, bus stops with shelters, gated access, and landscaping.  Access to the lot required improvements to the intersection of Clinton Parkway and Crestline Road as well as 21st and Constant.  The project includes 4000 feet of concrete roadways including a roundabout and bus drop off lanes.  The project also includes over 2000 feet of new 12" water lines, 7200 feet of 15" to 84" storm lines, and 700 feet of new sanitary sewer line.  The project was designed and constructed on time and within budget.